1. We’ll begin by inviting you to complete a battery of comprehensive assessments, each designed to pinpoint opportunities for optimizing your performance. These will help guide the work we do together. We’ll use your responses to identify, right out of the gate, where things are going well, and where we can make simple adjustments that yield big returns for your health, energy, and productivity.
  2. Next, you and I are going to do an in-depth qualitative analysis. We’ll discuss your big-picture goals and career aspirations. We’ll also examine what is working well, and explore the barriers getting in the way.

  3. From there, we’ll conduct two audits to gauge your actual day-to-day experiences: one focused on time and the other focused on energy. We're going to find out precisely where your time is going, where it's being used efficiently, where it's not, and where there are opportunities for us to leverage. We’ll also explore how your energy fluctuates from hour to hour throughout the day so that we can be more strategic about structuring your day for maximum productivity.

  4. The next step is developing a precise vision of what peak performance means to you, within your unique industry, job responsibilities, and life situation. We're going to get clear on all of those things and set specific goals within each domain so that we can monitor your progress.

  5. Once we’ve decided on goals, we then create a week-by-week habit building plan customized to you, in a way that optimizes your daily schedule and “automates” the right behaviors -- minimizing the extent to which you need to think or make decisions.

  6. Finally, when you join this program, you receive ongoing support from me. We're going to check in regularly on the phone so that anytime something's not working, we can tweak and adjust and respond to in the moment opportunities. We're also going to go through this entire process with review and feedback to make sure that everything is sticking.