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Webinar Highlights

00:56 Meet Dr. Friedman
03:00 Presentation begins
07:00 Why peak performance is not just for athletes
09:15 Why most companies aren't using the science of top performance
11:07 The one big myth that drives people to be miserable at work
14:01 The real reason people feel stuck
17:11 The science behind getting more done in less time
22:38 Why everything you know about productivity is wrong
23:24 Why you SHOULDN'T do the most important task first thing in the morning
28:24 The ideal time of day for different tasks
30:33 How to "eliminate" distractions
33:52 The free app that keeps you focused on your most important task
34:41 How to "create" your own executive assistant
37:20 Why we no longer yawn at work -- we do this instead
38:35 Why high-quality sleep doesn't require more time in bed
46:27 How to integrate the science of peak performance into your life
1:02:35 How to reduce stress at work
1:05:25 How to determine your chronotype
1:11:28 How to drink coffee for top performance
1:14:30 How to prevent alcohol from reducing your sleep quality