Teaming for Peak Performance

Empower your team to fuel one another’s performance and produce extraordinary results

Team Workshop

Teaming for Peak Performance is an interactive workshop that trains teams to fuel one another’s psychological needs, fostering deeper connections, better communication, and higher performance.

Decades of research indicate that when people feel psychologically fulfilled, they are healthier, happier, and more productive.

The best organizations don’t rely on leaders to drive psychological fulfillment. They give their employees science-based strategies to work together in ways that energize their colleagues, foster stronger collaborations, and produce better results.

The Teaming for Peak Performance process takes the three psychological needs essential for top performance at work (mastery, relatedness, and autonomy) and shows teams how to weave them into the way they work.




Participants will learn the 9 key behaviors for creating a high-performing team and discover how they can use them in colleague interactions to collaborate more effectively.

Valuable Skills Teammates Will Master:

  • How to authentically bond with teammates

  • How to communicate more effectively

  • How to consistently grow their skills, both individually and as a group

Vital Organizational Outcomes This Training Delivers:

  • Deeper collaboration

  • Better communication

  • Higher performance

  • Stronger engagement and job satisfaction

  • Greater employee retention

  • Fewer sick days

  • Lower stress

  • Increased well-being

Surprising Insights Teammates Will Learn:

  • Why close workplace friendships make you better at your job

  • How to meet in a way that leads to more creativity and better decisions

  • The secret to bonding with any colleague

Based on the Award-Winning Bestseller

Synthesizes over 1,000 academic studies into practical strategies you can use to elevate your team and create an extraordinary workplace

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Workers who
collaborate in teams

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