Leading for Peak Performance

Teach your leaders the 9 key behaviors that
unlock high-performing teams

Leading for Peak Performance

Backed by decades of research, Leading for Peak Performance teaches leaders how to create psychologically fulfilling workplace experiences that motivate, engage, and energize their teams, igniting performance in sustainable ways that are neither expensive nor time-consuming.

When it comes to building extraordinary workplaces and high-performing teams, researchers have long appreciated that three psychological needs are essential:




The evidence is overwhelming:

When people feel psychologically fulfilled, they tend to be healthier, happier, and more productive.

In this interactive training, leaders will learn 9 key behaviors for unlocking the power of psychological needs, elevating their team’s engagement and performance, and growing their leadership skills.

Valuable Skills Leaders Will Master:

  • How to motivate and engage employees—without it becoming a full-time job

  • How to communicate in a way that makes people feel like the work they’re doing is their choice

  • How to ensure that employees are consistently growing in their roles

  • How to break down cliques, improve collaboration, and turn any team into a community

Vital Organizational Outcomes This Training Delivers:

  • Stronger leadership

  • Better performance

  • Deeper collaboration

  • Greater engagement and job satisfaction

  • Fewer sick days

  • Higher employee retention

  • Increased well-being

Surprising Insights Leaders Will Learn:

  • What video games teach us about making any job more engaging

  • Why forceful leaders have less productive teams

  • The one workplace reward that feels better than a raise

Based on the Award-Winning Bestseller

Synthesizes over 1,000 academic studies into practical strategies you can use to elevate your team and create an extraordinary workplace

Inc Magazine Book of the Year

“Friedman’s findings are often surprisingly counterintuitive, yet always convincing.”

Daniel Pink, author of

“What a gem! Based on new and solid research in human behavior—it's a surprising, witty, well-written, and wonderfully engaging read.”

–David Allen, author of
Getting Things Done

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–Marshall Goldsmith, author of
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

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