As I mentioned in my email, this is a unique opportunity for you to work privately with a peak performance expert on my team. And let me tell you: the coaches on my team are remarkable. To become part of the ignite80 team, you need to be a certified coaching professional who has at least a decade of experience working directly with CEOs and top executives. Then, you need to complete months of training with me on the science of top performance. Simply put, you'll be working with the best of the best.

Here’s our process for helping you break through major challenges, free up your time, and get more done:

  • Proprietary assessment to pinpoint your biggest opportunities. We’ll begin by getting a clear snapshot of where you are right now. My team and I have developed a proprietary tool called the Peak Performance Diagnostic for gauging people’s behaviors, beliefs and habits. We use it to evaluate a client’s biggest opportunities for quickly enhancing their performance, and uncovering counterproductive tendencies that may be holding them back. 

    I use the Peak Performance Diagnostic with all my private coaching clients because it saves hours of analysis and pinpoints quick wins they can leverage to perform at their best. We’re going to begin by having you take the assessment. Then, we’ll walk you through exactly what we found—and how you can leverage these insights to immediately improve your performance.

  • Two laser coaching calls each month, whenever you need them. Laser coaching calls are highly-focused, solution-centered sessions of about 30 minutes each. Instead of clogging up your calendar with long, “exploratory” calls with no agenda, we’ve discovered that on-demand laser coaching works far better for busy professionals.

    Each session tackles a specific challenge getting in the way of your performance. Calls are scheduled when you need them and you choose the topic. For example: you need a plan for tackling next week’s project deadline, you need a system for staying on top of email without allowing it to hijack your focus, you need advice on how to better manage your evenings. Any of these topics (and lots, lots more) are excellent uses for your session.

  • Unlimited guidance from your coach over email. Have an urgent issue come up and can’t set aside time for a call? Your coach is available to help. Send your coach an email and receive a response within 24 hours. 

Over the course of 3 months (starting in September), you'll work with your coach in much the same way as I work with my personal CEO clients, and experience all of the benefits of having a customized, step-by-step, science-based expert advising you on maximizing your performance.