Delivering the Science of Workplace Excellence, One Team at a Time

Here's a sobering fact:

Over 80% of the world’s employees are disengaged at work.


At ignite80, our mission is to shrink that number by teaching leaders and their teams science-based strategies that foster happier, healthier, and more productive workplaces.

The quantifiable value of creating an extraordinary workplace:

Higher profitability

Stronger performance


Attracts top performers


Higher profitability

Stronger Performance

Lower burnout

Attract top performers

Deeper loyalty

the ignite80 Manifesto

ignite80 was founded to bridge the gap between the latest science and the modern workplace.

In recent years, advances in behavioral science have produced eye-opening insights on the factors that help us work more effectively. Yet most of these findings remain trapped in library stacks, collecting dust on university bookshelves.

Our programs give you the best of what science has uncovered about top performance, translated into practical strategies that you and your team can apply to achieve at the highest levels.

Here are three key insights that science has taught us about top performance that we are committed to spreading.


Psychological needs are at the heart of peak performance.

Decades of research reveal that to thrive at work, people need experiences that (1) grow their skills, (2) connect them to colleagues in a meaningful way, and (3) empower them to feel like they have some say in how they do their job. Every leader can create psychologically-fulfilling workplace experiences and unlock peak performance. But they first need the tools to know how.


Teams are more successful when they address the limits of the mind and body.

Our performance at work is no longer just about what happens between the hours of 9 to 5. Studies show that our mental firepower is directly linked to how we eat, move, and rest. Instead of ignoring the body’s limitations, intelligent workplaces arm their teams with science-based strategies that boost their energy, focus, and productivity.


Fueling peak performance is a learnable skill.

Thanks to the latest science, we no longer have to guess how top performance happens. What we need are practical strategies for putting the research to use. By applying proven techniques grounded in psychology, neuroscience, and human physiology, any professional can dramatically and sustainably improve the way they live, work, and lead.

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