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How the World's Most Successful People Fit a Day's Work into 2 Hours


...and How to Use Their Secrets to Multiply Your Time, Leave Work Earlier, and Take Control of Your Workday


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Secret #1

How ONE simple tweak to your calendar will help you work twice as fast.

Secret #2

How the best CEO's use an executive assistant to stay focused (and how you can do the same – without hiring anyone).

Secret #3

The not-so-obvious secret that makes top performers 25% happier, 30% more effective at achieving goals, and significantly wealthier (and how to get it, immediately).


Presented by
Ron Friedman, PhD

author of The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace


What Webinar Attendees Had to Say:


“Your fascinating research and practical life hacks have helped launch me on a positive pathway at a time when I have reached a huge crossroad in life. Thank you for your insightful work.”

– Martin

“I attended your webinar and I can say that the tips I got are already helping at the architecture practice where I work, and to a certain extent to my personal life.”

– Judith

“This is how you do a webinar. Focused, no fluff, with lots of great insights.”

– Dave

“Thank you so much Ron, your webinar was very valuable, your tips were so clear that I know how I can start implementing them already.”

– Chris

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