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How the best leaders

create star performers and bring out the best in their team

Extraordinary leaders do more than manage people. They lift them up, empower them, and inspire them to reach new heights. That’s because they recognize that everyone has an inherent desire to grow, and that the moment learning and development stalls, employee engagement plummets.
As a leader, how do you ensure every member of your team is growing—without losing focus on major projects? That’s what this workshop is about.
Grow skills, Fuel Passion
This workshop teaches leaders 3 vital skills for making learning and development a central feature of the way they lead.
Turn learning into a daily, team-wide habit
Get your team talking about fresh ideas and industry trends on a regular basis
Spot team members who are bored or overwhelmed (and get them back on track)
Deliver the feedback people need to grow (without sounding critical)
Ensure that your team is consistently getting better
  • Keep talented workers engaged and energized
  • Inject new ideas and fresh perspectives into the way their team operates
  • Grow their team’s skills
  • Minimize turnover
  • Energize their team

[Duration: 2-3 hours]
The performance benefits of learning
The science of optimal challenges
The art of reading your team
Leading a “Mastery Meeting”
Why most managers undervalue feedback (and the fundamentals of doing it well)
3 keys to delivering “Growth-Centered Feedback”
Calibrating your feedback to different work relationships


The secret to making learning a habit in your team

Based on the
Award-Winning Bestseller

Synthesizes over 1,000 academic studies into practical strategies you can use to elevate your team and create an extraordinary workplace
Employee satisfaction
Employees who are learning in their role are 39% more likely to feel productive, and 21% more likely to feel happy with their job.
Prevent burnout
Research indicates that team members who consistently learn on the job experience less stress and are significantly less likely to develop burnout.
Improve collaboration
Workplace learners are 23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities and help their colleagues.
Lower turnover
83% of workers who switched jobs during the Great Resignation reported feeling that they were no longer growing or learning in their position
Ready to bring out the best in your team?

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