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1-on-1 Breakthrough Performance
Coaching Program


Ron Friedman, Ph.D.

Thanks for your interest in exploring the option of working with me in a private, 1-on-1 format.

As a social psychologist specializing in human motivation and top performance, I've helped hundreds of people around the world and can help you too if we are a fit.

Since the release of my book, The Best Place to Work: The Art and Science of Creating an Extraordinary Workplace, I've begun working one-on-one with a handful of clients, high-level professionals that include senior executives, entrepreneurs, and CEOs.

In our coaching work together, we focus on applying the science of top performance to the areas where you'd like to grow, which may include:


Leveraging the best of behavioral science to elevate your performance and get you to the next level in your professional goals


Developing intelligent habits and smarter routines that free up your time and feed your energy


Getting clear on your priorities and crafting a minute-by-minute schedule that dramatically improves your results


Optimizing your performance and helping you achieve the results you (secretly) know you're capable of


Elevating your team's creativity, productivity and growth


Empowering you in ways that get you recognized as a top performer by your colleagues and clients

How Does Breakthrough Performance Coaching Work?

What makes coaching so effective is that it is designed entirely around you and your goals. There's a reason why all of the world's greatest athletes– Serena Williams, LeBron James, Tom Brady — rely on coaches. In fact the higher up you go in any profession, the more likely you are to discover the involvement of a coach.

It's because high achievers recognize the right coach can do something they can't: direct their attention to elements of their performance that they are simply too close to appreciate. To that end, I work one-on-one with each of my coaching clients to create a customized, step-by-step, science-based plan that's designed around you and maximizes your performance.

Together, we figure out what's working, what's not, and how to get you where you need to be. We strategize around your goals. We identify roadblocks and eliminate them. And we use science to fuel your growth personally and professionally.


While the unique approach we use will depend on you and your goals, here's an example of work I've done with my corporate coaching clients:

  1. Use best-in-class assessments to pinpoint opportunities for optimizing performance.
  2. Perform in-depth qualitative analysis that digs beneath the surface and uncovers the underlying barriers that short-circuit success.

  3. Conduct energy and time audits that reveal how an executive's time is really being spent- where it's being used efficiently, where it's not, and where there are opportunities for leverage.

  4. Develop a clear vision of what peak performance means for the client, within their unique industry, job responsibilities, and life situation.

  5. Create a week-by-week habit building plan for changing behavior and making success inevitable.

  6. Provide unlimited support so clients get instant consultations when something's not working or new opportunities arise.

As you can see, working together, we don't just learn about the science. We create a foundation for sustained performance at the highest levels.

What is the investment in Breakthrough Performance Coaching?

One-on-one coaching pricing is based on your individual situation. There are different tiers of service at different pricing levels, and the only way to know if I can help you get to the next level is for me to learn a little about you.

To get started, please fill out my private coaching application below. After your application is received, I will review your responses and if it seems like we're a fit, my team will schedule a time for us to discuss working together.

Please keep in mind that I only have time for 1 to 2 informational calls a month.

If I don't get to you right away I will put you on a waiting list and schedule you in as soon as I can, on a first come first serve basis.

I look forward to hearing from you, and working together to help you profit from the science of top performance.