Manisha Thakor

“I feel like I have learned more tangible, actionable tactics out of my work with Ron, about how to work day-to-day, than I did at Harvard Business School.

Business school teaches you a lot about the concepts of business, but the problem is that you actually have to have some skill sets to apply those concepts. That information is not readily available.

What Ron has done that’s so unique is he’s combined his academic expertise with the range of experiences now of extremely high-level executives in a number of industries to come up with a program that works. So what I would say as a cheap or frugal or just careful financial person is that I truly believe this is money exceptionally well spent, and I rarely tell clients that. So the fact that I’m telling you this, and I don’t even know what your financial situation is, I think speaks volumes to how much I believe that it is worth whatever opportunity cost you might be grappling with. I highly, highly, recommend this.”

– Manisha Thakor, MBA Harvard

Roy McKenzie