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The Science-Based Method for Optimizing Your Performance and Achieving the Next Level of Success

Without Working 24/7, Sacrificing Your Weekends, or Destroying Your Health


Imagine waking up every morning, feeling energized and excited to get to work – knowing you could get everything done and still have plenty of time to spend with family, work on a hobby, or dig into a personal project you’ve put on hold for far too long.

When you’re stressed and facing deadlines, that can seem like a fantasy.

But not only is it within your reach, it can also happen much faster than you might expect – without working overtime, stressing yourself out, or ruining your health in the process.

Unfortunately, the approach most ambitions professionals take when trying to take their career to the next level is to push harder through sheer force of will. They eat lunch at their desk, so they can tackle their ever-expanding inbox or scour LinkedIn for opportunities. Instead of hitting the gym, they stay late to wrap up projects most evenings. Weekends used to be family time, but now they’re spent sitting at the laptop playing catch up.

When they’re not at work, they’re reading business best-sellers, consuming podcasts, and trying to stay on top of all the magazines and newsletters they’ve signed up for. They’re attending conferences and expensive seminars. They’ve got folders bursting with notes, handouts, and big ideas just waiting to be put into action.

Still, no matter how early they wake, no matter how late they work, and no matter how many weekends they sacrifice, they can’t seem to accelerate to another level – and the stress is literally killing them.

Many high achievers take pride in pushing through, and find it easy to justify sacrifices when it seems like it’s helping their career.

But chances are, it’s costing them dearly.

Why? Because when all you do is work, you can’t help but lose sight of the big picture -- in every aspect of life.

At work, your decisions become short-sighted and tactical. You stop taking risks and no longer feel optimistic or energized. Everything feels far more challenging than it should.

At home, personal projects take a backseat, going to the gym competes with an endless to-do list, and there never seems to enough time to give important loved ones the attention you know they deserve.

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, then it’s time to switch gears. Because no matter how how hard you push, how much information you consume, or strong your will – significant progress won’t happen without taking a different approach.

That’s because:

What Got You Here
Won’t Get You There


Getting stuck at a certain level is the price top performers pay for breaking through to the highest levels of success.

Here’s why:

As we advance in our careers, the strategies that helped us achieve one level of success can’t take us to the next. But our brains have a hard time recognizing that. So we develop tunnel vision, and that makes it difficult to see the fastest path forward.

In our careers and personal lives, these elusive blind spots keep us mired in holding patterns and prevent us from advancing to the next level.

The problem is, it’s nearly impossible to identify blind spots on our own. And without uncovering these hidden barriers, it’s virtually impossible to correct course and take the right actions that are required to achieve peak performance levels, advance to the next level in your career, and maintain a healthy personal and work life balance.

However, let’s make one thing clear:

Finding yourself stuck in a “performance plateau” has nothing to do with any lack of motivation. After all, there’s no doubt you’ve poured massive time and energy into your career, you’ve done the work, and you’ve achieved many milestones.

It’s just that we’re all working under pressure, time is short, and distractions are plentiful. It’s tough see what’s holding you back and course correct when you’re buried in work and stressed to the limit.

So how do you break through to a higher performance level – when you don’t know where to start? How do you implement new strategies when you’re already working at capacity? And how is it that elite-performers in every field, rise far above their closest peers and achieve so much in so little time, and it looks like they barely break a sweat? 

The Secret of Making
Success Look Easy

The reason top-executives, business leaders, sports champions, celebrities and elite-performers get so much done and make it look nearly effortless is this:

They hire experts.

Elite players in nearly every professional field have always had expert strategy coaches helping them succeed – and often several. It’s their secret for making success look easy and accelerating to higher performance levels much faster than would have been possible otherwise.

Expert coaches can uncover hidden roadblocks and blind spots that remain invisible to you while you’re caught up in they rush of your daily responsibilities. Then, they can deliver customized feedback and offer strategic advice for your unique needs, goals, and aspirations.

Books and courses can help the average people find those answers – especially early in their careers. But you’re not the average person. You’re unique. Your experience level, skill sets, specific work situations, and clients are all unique. What works for a general audience, won’t work for you.

If you want to break through to the next level of success, you have to first uncover what’s holding you back and crystalize your vision, then you can craft an integrated, personalized roadmap that takes your higher level of experience, unique challenges, work habits, and goals fully into account.

At your level, one-size-fits-all performance strategies aren’t enough. If you want to get to achieve your potential, you need personalized coaching that can:

  • Provide a science-based roadmap to improving your performance

  • Translate your career ambitions into measurable, time-based goals

  • Deliver objective, science-backed feedback

  • Help you course correct with clear instructions

  • Give you customized protocols for tackling obstacles

  • Hold you accountable and track your progress as you grow

  • Analyze your strengths and uncover untapped potential

  • Inspire you to take action and achieve your goals

  • Help you achieve the next level of success faster

And the remarkable thing is this:

The higher you rise in your career, the more impact any single insight can deliver. Even relatively minor, highly specific changes in your behaviors can produce exponentially large increases in performance.

But there’s only one problem with working with a coach:

There just aren’t many qualified people out there who have this specific skill set. Properly trained and accredited peak performance coaches are in short supply. And the best among them often aren’t famous or well-known, so they’re often hard to locate.

But now, that’s all changed:



If you’re sick and tired of sacrificing your personal health and private life just to further your career, my team and I have created an opportunity for you to get expert input on taking your career and life to the next level. 

Breakthrough Performance Coaching is a scientifically based, proven, 1-on-1 coaching program that helps overworked executives multiply performance without working harder.

If you qualify for the program, you’ll get to work with one of my expert peak performance coaches, over video conference, phone, text, and email.

They’ll analyze your current efforts, expose your hidden obstacles, and examine the way you structure everything – from your daily routines, to the way you interact with clients and colleagues, to the way you restock your energy at home and on vacation.

Then, based on that analysis, you’ll get fully customized, science-based plan for overcoming obstacles and achieving elite status in the shortest time possible.

1-on-1 Analysis, Feedback, and Strategies Customized For Your Unique Needs, Challenges, and Goals 

Instead of a taking your unique needs and challenges into account, courses and self-learning programs attempt to deliver “one-size-fits-all” approaches.

And that’s not always a bad thing.

In the early stages of your career, wider, more generic trainings are helpful – even vital. However, there comes a point when you’ve moved beyond the basics and you need access to superior tools and expert, customized advice.

We understand that. And that’s why Breakthrough Performance Coaching produces incredible results.

You’ll have direct access to a peak performance expert who will:


Use best-in-class assessments to pinpoint opportunities for optimizing performance.


Perform in-depth qualitative analysis that digs beneath the surface and uncovers the underlying barriers that hold you back.


Conduct energy and time audits that reveal how your time is really being spent — where it’s being used efficiently, where it’s not, and where there are opportunities for leverage.


Create a week-by-week habit building plan for changing behavior and making success inevitable.


Set metrics for your success, offer strategic guidance, and hold you accountable on following through.


Provide unlimited support and offer instant consultations when something’s not working or new opportunities arise that you might have missed.


"I feel like I have learned more tangible, actionable tactics out of my work with Ron, about how to work day-to-day, than I did at Harvard Business School.

Business school teaches you a lot about the concepts of business, but the problem is that you actually have to have some skill sets to apply those concepts. That information is not readily available.

What Ron has done that’s so unique is he’s combined his academic expertise with the range of experiences now of extremely high-level executives in a number of industries to come up with a program that works. So what I would say as a cheap or frugal or just careful financial person is that I truly believe this is money exceptionally well spent, and I rarely tell clients that. So the fact that I’m telling you this, and I don’t even know what your financial situation is, I think speaks volumes to how much I believe that it is worth whatever opportunity cost you might be grappling with. I highly, highly, recommend this."

– Manisha Thakor, MBA Harvard

"I decided to join the Breakthrough Coaching Performance because it didn't feel tenable what I was doing before. It felt like it was an avalanche of everything, and it was taking over. I've seen the biggest improvements in being more in charge of my time, having a better sense of how to go at the next day.

When you're stressed, you're focused on yourself, you're not focused on others, and I feel that the benefits of coaching really come about because as you can calm yourself and manage what you're doing, you can also then focus on others. So whether it's your colleagues or your family, you're able to do that better..."

– Kim Jordan, MBA The John Hopkins University


The Fastest Path to
Greater Success


 If you’re serious about performing at your best, and taking your career to the next level, there’s no doubt that a skilled coach can make all the difference. Anyone who is dedicated to achieving elite performance needs someone to help them identify blind spots, provide accountability, and offer expert instruction.

But it’s not easy to find properly trained and accredited peak performance coaches.

Most of them aren’t well-known and they don’t often advertise their services. They’re too busy helping private clients achieve breakthroughs. They usually operate on a referral basis only – and they aren’t looking for new clients.

As a result, executives sometimes gamble on a local business coach.

The problem is, you can’t be sure they’re qualified or experienced, and ironically, they tend to be much more expensive ($3k per month/average). Not only that, but rarely will they have expertise and training in the science of peak performance.

But there are plenty of courses out there. You may discover some solid techniques and tips. But a generalized program can’t fully address your unique needs, skills, and current experience level.

Again, one size does not – and cannot – fit all.

Nonetheless, most top performers try to go it alone. They’re always showing up at the expensive seminars. They watch all the YouTube videos, read all the books and blog posts, and try to to stitch together into some kind of plan from notes upon notes on yellow legal pads.

But no matter how many books you read, courses you take, webinars you attend, or piles of seminar notes you cobble together – none of it will fly unless it’s designed specifically for you and your unique situation. It’s nearly impossible to expand to new levels by leaning on the same behaviors, routines, habits, and thinking patterns that got us where we are now.

So we encourage you to recognize that what got where you are in the present, won’t take you where you want to go in the future.

Enroll now so you can take the fastest path to multiplying your performance and achieving the next level of success – without burning out, without missing personal time, and without sacrificing your health and well-being in the process.


Do You Qualify?

Not everyone who applies for Breakthrough Performance Coaching is a good fit. And we realize our coaching may be too advanced for many.

If you know, in your gut, that this is a sound investment, then we encourage you to take the next step. However, if the investment seem expensive, then you might want to wait for now and get back in touch when you’ve reached a level in your career where getting personalized coaching makes more sense. However, if you’re ready to elevate your career to an elite level – then this could be a perfect match.

Succeed In Fast Forward

The reason top-executives, business leaders, sports champions, celebrities and elite-performers get so much done and make it look nearly effortless is this:

I know expert coaching works, because I’ve experienced it myself, first-hand.

When you have an expert in your corner, it’s like pressing the fast forward button on your career remote. That’s why, I too hired a business coach when I decided I was ready to take my career to a new level.

I was already an award-winning social psychologist who has helped hundreds of people around the world. And, I frequently contribute to major publications, like the Harvard Business Review, CNN, Fast Company, and Psychology Today.

But again, no matter how far you rise or how much you achieve – you’ll always have new blind spots. That’s why I’ve worked with several coaches. And my ROI has always been at least 3 times my investment.

Frankly, without that support, there’s no way I’d be operating at my current level of performance.

It’s a vital investment in my success and my business because it lets me succeed in fast forward. So I will hire experts to help me see what’s blocking me from accelerating to another level, and what I need to do to keep moving forward as long as I’m in business.

I want every top performer to have access to help like this.

But no matter how valuable expert help actually is, it will always seem too expensive to those who believe they can go it alone.

However, for those who realize that nobody rises to the top on their own and want to take everything to the next level faster and – having an expert coach on your side is the bargain of a lifetime.

Results In Your First Hour

When you work with an expert peak performance coach, you won’t be waiting for weeks to know what to do.

During the first hour (or less), you’ll discover what’s holding you back and receive tools to help you start moving forward again, right then and there. After the call, you’ll have the option to continue with your coach if you both feel it would be beneficial.

And that’s why we’re so excited about inviting you to apply.

Now, as you can imagine, we’re anticipating a flood of requests. However, we can only work with a handful of people. So to make sure we’re a good fit for each other, positions will be offered on an application basis only.

Here’s what to do next:

Set aside 15-20 minutes or so to fill out the application as thoroughly as possible. The questions are crafted to help get crystal clear about where you are, what you’d like to achieve, and what may be holding you back right now.

If we determine that you’re a good fit, then we’ll ask for a deposit of $150 to reserve your initial strategy session. This is not a payment – your deposit holds your spot and makes sure we speak with professional people who respect the value of time.

At the end of the session, if we both fell additional coaching is the right move, we’ll apply your $150 good-faith deposit towards the Breakthrough Performance Coaching program. Otherwise, we’ll refund your deposit on the spot and part as friends.

Regardless of what we decide, there’s no obligation to continue.

However, one thing is now clear:

Since you’ve read this far, there’s a solid chance that this is the right opportunity for you to shift your business and life forward at what, to others, will look like warp speed.

Apply for Consideration

If you expect to achieve the next level of success in 2019, then it’s time to make a decision.

You can keep pushing harder and harder without making additional progress, or get personalized feedback, support, and guidance from a peak performance expert.

But if you know your career needs a boost, and you know expert help will make all the difference, then proceed with your application and join the program now. If you qualify for this opportunity, one of my coaches will contact you to schedule your strategy session.

Click the button below to join the program and and see for yourself what coaching can do for you.